A Way For YOU to HELP

When I was younger, I always wished to help the world. I had all of these ideas in my head and I felt that the world had to listen to me. I believed that I would be able to change this world into a better place in a blink of an eye. As I grew up, I learned that this was not possible but also at the same time partially possible.
Everyone has a fantasy as a younger child to make a great change. They have these ideas and wished to be heard, which I believe would make a big difference if adults would actually hear children out. I believe that the creative, pure minds that children have are worth a lot and would really help change the world if we would put just a little bit more interest in what they say.
So I shout out to all the adults in the world, to listen to children and help them spread their ideas. Because as I child, I found out that all the ideas that I wish to spread does not spread as easily as I think. If one adult would listen to just one child and decide to talk about their idea for at least 3 minutes to another person, it will make a huge difference in this world and a great impact in the child’s life.
Also, help children use the resources around them. Show them how to use blogs to spread their ideas. Show them that their is a web full of people around the world that are willing to listen if others around them won’t. Help them write letters and help them make a difference.


A Helping Vacation

Did you ever feel like you wanted to go on a vacation but also wanted to learn something and help the world at the same time?

There is an amazing opportunity in Galapagos Islands where you can have a wonderful vacation, internship, and help make a change in this world at the same time. The Charles Darwin Research Station located in Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, recruits students around the world to help them during sea turtle hatch season.
People who decide to help out with the program just need to help the sea turtles to safely hatch and get back to sea. One will be doing things like keeping track of the number of turtles and record them.
The great thing about this internship is that it is considered as volunteer work and the Charles Darwin Foundation is willing to pay for transportation, stay and other conveniences. As long as you help them, it is like a vacation to the Galapagos Islands. You will be able to meet new people, learn about evolution and its research, meet scientists, and see animals in their environment. It will also be a great way to help sea turtles that are decreasing in numbers and help research.
I would really suggest this internship for people that are interested and enjoy working with animals(especially marine animals). Remember that your free time will be a beautiful vacation in the wonderful beaches of Galapagos. I would really recommend this opportunity for people that are in love with nature and passionate in helping the marine environment.

Galapagos Charles Darwin Research Center/Foundation -> http://www.darwinfoundation.org/english/pages/interna.php?txtCodiInfo=63

Maintain the Marine Life

Living in a country where three of its sides are surrounded by the ocean, I feel that we are responsible for maintaining the marine life.Korea, a peninsula, should be aware of all the importance of the marine life, but these days it seems like we are negatively affecting marine life instead of helping it.
People should be aware that if the marine life dies out, it will also result in the collapse of the food chain which will also someday result to the extinction of the human race. Therefore, I believe that we should start taking responsibilities of our actions and help maintain the marine life that we have polluted until now.
One good organization that I was able to find and contact, was an organization called ‘biorock’. It is an organization that helps maintain marine life and coral reefs. This group tries to help out the coral reefs that are dying out in this world.

Biorock takes modern technology to help maintain marine life. I think it is a great organization even though some people think its too artificial. If we see the current situation of marine life, it seems like it will be hard to bring back marine life to its original state on its own. It is time to use the technology that we used to pollute marine life and use it for better good. Biorock helps maintain coral reefs and all the necessary minerals within the ocean. I hope that all the help that we try to provide to the marine life will result in a better world someday and help marine life to stand on its own again.

-> go help biorock! http://www.biorock.net/

No Impact Week


A few weeks ago, our school had an event called ‘No Impact Week’. It was actually an event that was created, based on the documentary ‘No Impact Man’. We decided to live a week by creating the least impact towards the world.

Nowadays, we impact our world negatively with the overuse of water, energy, food, and many other things that pollute the world. We constantly throw away left over food and waste a lot of resources and energy that could have been easily saved. Through the event ‘No Impact Week’ our school wanted to show that we could all live without making a negative impact towards the world. This event also did save a lot of misused energy and decreased the emissions of CO2 and other pollutions.

I believe that if everyone in this world participates in at least one event of ‘No Impact Week,’ it would really bring a change to our world. I participated in the event by eating 100% natural food that did not go through any industries and were grown without using harmful things like pesticides. I also did not eat meat that week because astoundingly cows are one of the biggest causes of global warming. I packed all of my lunches and made sure that I saved energy by not wasting time in the shower without any reason.

I shout out to the world to also start their own ‘No Impact Week’ events within their societies. The event really made me reflect back to my lifestyle. If we look around just a bit more carefully, we can find so many ways to help the Earth.


The 2011 Global Issues Network conferences have begun.
Ginners all over the world seem to be taking action right now.
GIN Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America are having back to back conferences around the world.
KIS GIN, that I am associated with, will be leaving to Jakarta, Indonesia for the 4th annual EARCOS GIN conference on 8 April 2011.
The GIN conference is a conference that helps students, especially international schools, around the world to get together at certain regions to discuss, raise awareness, and make changes about the issues around the world.


This year, EARCOS GIN is being held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The conference will take place in Jakarta International School.
We will be following the theme of ” Our Choice Our Future”
This will be the fourth annual EARCOS GIN conference.
Last year’s conference had successfully come to an end in Hong Kong. As we remember our experiences from last year, I hope that this conference will bring us one step forward.
I hope and do know that this will be the place where future global leaders will be made.


The KIS Global Issues Network was created since the year 2009.
We have attended several conferences starting from the 3rd annual EARCOS GIN.
As the club started to grow, we currently have our own logo and are getting ready for the 2011 AISA GIN to take place at KIS.
I look forward to making further changes in our society with KIS GIN.

The Shaken World

A few hours ago, an 8.9 magnitude shook Japan. The earthquake also caused a 10 meter tsunami. Currently people are having trouble contacting their own family members because the government has asked the people to refrain from using their cellphones.

If you have family, friends, colleagues or any other people you wish to locate, I would suggest using Google person finder.


More tsunami warnings were sent out to 20 various countries around Oceania, Americas, and the Asia Pacific. People who are in areas with the chance of tsunamis should move to higher ground.

Technology seems to be an extremely helpful tool that we should use in our advantage. The world is starting to get shaken as earthquakes occur around different countries. As these quakes cause tsunamis, the death tolls are rising. I believe that the priority should be kept on educating people. People should be able to evacuate calmly when the disasters occur. Everyone should be giving a helping hand to evacuation efforts.

The numbers of disasters have been increasing in the past few months. People should be more aware and should start getting ready for any other things that may happen.


The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a tsunami alert for the following countries.

Marcus Island
Northern Marianas
Wake Island
Marshall Island
Midway Island
Papua New Guinea
Johnston Island
Solomon Island
Palmyra Island
Jarvis Island
American Samoa
Cook Islands
New Caledonia
Kermadec Island
French Polynesia
New Zealand
El Salvador
Costa Rica

More informations about the current status of Japan can be viewed under.


A Solution for Earthquake Disasters

There has been a lot of disasters throughout the world. But one of the bigger disasters seem like it is the natural disasters that occur around the world. These natural disasters make us feel helpless as we have no way to fight back, but to prevent and hope for the best. Not so long ago, there were two consecutive earthquake disasters. One was in Haiti, and the other had happened in Chile. But when we compare these two incidents, we can see how much more damage Haiti received.

So first, let us compare the two earthquakes…

Haiti: smaller earthquake but greater casualties and destruction

Chile: greater earthquake but less casualties and destruction. Was able to come back into order very quickly

<Looking at Chile, How Should We Help Haiti?>

– We have to educate the people in Haiti about natural disasters. Teach the children how to evacuate orderly.

– Build Earthquake Resistant designed buildings.

– And so much more! You can help anytime.

Our Video on the Long Term Solution

The two massive earthquakes don’t seem to be the end of the chain of natural disasters that will be impacting the places around us. Everyone should be able to prevent and should be knowledgeable of precautions of natural disasters. I decided to put this up especially for earthquakes since so many people are vulnerable to earthquakes for people who are in Japan, Indonesia and other places frequently hit by them. I hope this will be able to help at least a few and lower the death rate of natural disasters. But a new solution must be found soon.

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